Tempest Weather Station at the Effingham Public Library

What’s that gadget by the library sign?

We have a new weather station!

On November 1st, Effingham residents Chuck Fuller and Leo Racine installed a brand new Tempest weather station at the EPL library sign. You can now view real-time weather right on our home page!

Notice that you can also scroll within the weather frame to view hourly and 10-day weather forecasts as well as sunrise and sunset times: 

How to View Advanced Weather Stats

If you click on the weather frame, it will switch you to a data grid that displays all current statistics from our Tempest station. This includes neat statistics like lightning strikes (and how far away they were detected!) as well as advanced data such as Wet Bulb Temperature, a variable that helps determine heat-stress conditions for humans. (Think: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”)

NOTE: Once in the data grid, you must refresh the library’s home page to get back to the regular forecast view. Simply clicking on the weather box will not bring you back.

Tempest Weather Station at the Effingham Public LibraryAbout the Tempest

This amazing little system measures air temperature and relative humidity; dew point and “feels like” temperatures; station and barometric (sea-level) pressures; wind speed and wind direction (both one-minute average and gusts); lightning activity (strikes and distance up to 25 miles); rain onset, intensity, duration, and accumulation; UV index and more!

The Tempest Weather System was gifted to the library through a private donation. It will also be used by the Historic Town Hall-Library Project (HTH) in the near future. Thank you to the generous patrons who donated this system, and thank you Chuck and Leo for installing it for us!