Loon father swimming with two babies on back.

Artist Showcase: Joe Callanan

This exhibit will run through the end of March 2024.

The Effingham Public Library is excited to present the work of local wildlife photographer and natural history educator, Joe Callanan. His extensive collection of wildlife images will be on display at the Effingham Public Library for the months of February and March during open library hours. Come visit the library to see this “up close and personal” style of photography. You don’t want to miss it!!


Joe Callanan strives to capture wildlife acting naturally during its daily activity, as he believes these images can become the window by which we are allowed to view the wonder and awe of these animals.  Working in the outdoors and observing wildlife in their natural habitats has been a privilege for Joe, and having learned firsthand the natural history and the beauty of all he sees in nature, he is compelled to translate this into his photography.

View Joe’s Website: Joe Snow Photography