Please become a Friend!!

The basis of any group is to have a solid foundation on which to build. The heart of that needs unity in its mission to succeed. A library is made better when it has a friends group that has the passion to help in any way it can. There are so many ways people can add value to a group. The Effingham Public library has a need for new members to join the handful of people that now make up the friends group. We have had to postpone the annual book sale due to not enough people being available to work that day. This is a big fundraiser for the friends. This group is the one that supports the summer reading program, writer’s night, and many other areas that help keep the library budget as low as possible. Money is always needed but the camaraderie of a group of people united in a cause is a sight to behold. So please consider joining this small group of people and bringing new energy and new ideas that will help our wonderful library be the best it can be.
Please contact the library for more information.
Maureen S Spencer
Former Library Trustee Chair and Friends liaison