Program: Book Making for the holidays!

Hello Patrons,

Welcome to our Fall/ Winter take home program. You are invited to join us at the visual library for a creative bookmaking activity!  We will provide you with supplies to make a folded book and you will turn it into your own creation. Supplies are limited.

Use this folded paper format (pictured left) to make a book of your poems, seasonal pictures, journal writing, recipes to make with your children, etc. Anything goes!  This can be a family activity or a personal one. It can be a gift you give to someone or keep for yourself. Just have fun!

Enclosed in the packet from the library will be paper, watercolors, colored pencils and cardboard covers. Also included are print outs of directions and diagrams.  (Feel free to use Diagram 1 to practice cutting and folding, it may take a few tries to get just right).

Please let a Librarian know you would like to participate and we will put together a bookmaking packet for you that you can pick up at the library. You will make the book at home, but please take pictures of your project so we can share them on our website. Thank you and have FUN!

To pick up a bookmaking packet from the library please email or call 603-539-1537. Please send pictures of your progress as you move through the instructions, or of the completed project to the above email address.