Director’s Corner

Library Director’s Report                                                 

November 2020      

Giving Thanks: Aysia has done a great job of preparing me for the role of director and I’m very appreciative of her patience, diligence, and attention to detail. I am taking over a library system that has been cared for by a thoughtful and dedicated professional, and for that I am thankful!

Overview: As we work to maintain safe practices during November’s spike in COVID-19 cases, we have also been focused on improvements and restructuring for long-term success. Ongoing efforts are being made to: 

  • Improve visitor / patron experience 
  • Establish core library programming  
  • Streamline procedures for management of materials
  • Upgrading library tools

November visitor experience initiatives included purchasing a storytime carpet for the now and future children’s area, offering free copies of the periodical Book Page, working with the state library to begin user initiated ILL requesting, and exploring options for shelving that will improve collection browsing.   

In November we began to offer virtual storytime at 10:30am on Saturdays. Our goal is to have this program continue in perpetuity, growing in popularity, transitioning to in-person when the library reopens, and existing as one of our key services.

We have started working with Better World Books to manage our donations and weeded materials and we have started using Baker & Taylor’s online system, TS360, to order books. We have purchased the Dewey cataloguing system to allow for more accurate / standardized cataloguing of non-fiction.    

We have upgraded our scanner and are now able to more quickly process books. Handmade laminated dividers in the picture books have been replaced by easier to read professional dividers, making shelving and title location in this area faster.

Circulation Highlights

  • The greatest number of children’s book checked out since February 
  • The greatest number of downloaded materials of 2020 (ever?)
  • 8 new library cards issued

Unanticipated funds for November: $3.05 printing, $8.70 donations, $13 BK sale = $24.75

Programs and Events for November: Storytime, Bake Sale

Conferences/meetings:  NH State Library Directors call. CCLC call.
Upcoming Programs and Events for December: Book Club!