6/5 First Wed. Movie @ 6:30pm

1st Wednesday Movies Sept -June @ 6:30pm

Best Animation

This year we try something a bit different. Rather than a series defined by a genre or theme, we are going to look at a variety of films utilizing a particular technique; in this case, “Animation”. A healthy mix of both classical and stop motion, we will be viewing some of the best animated films from the last few decades. NO DISNEY. Staying true to our “Wednesday film nature”, these flicks are still off the beaten path, some based on books, others I had never heard of. We will travel around the world to colorful, playful, and dramatic landscapes dreamed up by some of the best artists and illustrators of the century. As always, FREE POPCORN!

9/5/18 – A (2016) film. Directed by Claude Barras. Starring Nick Offerman, Amy Sedaris, and Will Forte. Rated PG-13. 1h 10m. (Switzerland. Comedy/Drama)

10/3/18 – A (1991) film. Directed by Isao Takahata. Starring Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, and Alison Fernandez. Rated PG. 1h 58m. (Japan. Drama/Romance)

11/7/18 – A (2003) film. Directed by Sylvain Chomet. Starring Michele Caucheteux, Jean-Claude Donda, and Michel Robin. Rated PG-13. 1h 18m. English Subtitles. (France. Comedy/Drama)


1/2/19 – A (1997) film. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Starring Claire Danes, Minnie Driver, and Billy Bob Thornton. Rated PG-13. 2h 14m. (Japan. Adventure/Fantasy)

2/6/19 – A (2007) film. Directed by Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi. Starring Gena Rowlands, Sean Penn, and Iggy Pop. Rated PG-13. 1h 36m. (France. Biography/Drama)

3/6/19 – A (2009) film. Directed by Adam Elliot. Starring Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Eric Bana. Not Rated. 1h 32m. (Australia. Comedy/Drama)

4/3/19 – A (2014) film. Directed by Tomm Moore. Starring David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, Lisa Hannigan. Rated PG. 1h 33m. (Ireland. Adventure/Drama)

5/1/19 – A (2016) film. Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit. Starring Emmanuel Garijo, Tom Hudson, and Baptiste Goy. Rated PG. 1h 20m. Silent. (France. Fantasy)

6/5/19 – A (2015) film. Directed by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak. Starring Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, and Omid Djalili. Rated PG. 1h 25m. (UK. Adventure/Comedy)

First Wednesday Movies at the Effingham Public Library is a monthly (Sept. – June) series of films, frequently from books.  The films chosen are both eclectic and not the usual TV offerings. The screening time is 6:30 p.m. and is viewed on the library’s 70 inch flat screen TV.  After a brief introduction, each film is about two hours in duration. Free Popcorn!

FMI call the library at 539-1537