February Featured Artist: Jen Van Cor


Jennifer Van Cor is a local New England artist who paints in acrylic and oil.  Her imagery is largely drawn from her positive interaction with nature.  As she layers a myriad of color using very defined brush strokes, the forms emerge showing a unique depiction of a specific scene.  Each painting successfully creates a lively balance between the visual reality and the abstracted shapes and color of a personal experience.  Jennifer makes a connection between the ways that creating a painting and writing a poem can capture essences that awakens the senses and makes us feel more alive. Her work invites us to deepen our connection with nature. Some of Jennifer Van Cor’s paintings can be viewed at the Effingham Library during the month of February.

Please be sure to visit our Writers’ Night program on Thursday February 15th at 7pm to hear the artist discuss her work.

FMI call the library at 539-1537